"You're gonna be


- Papa


About Melissa

As a kid I was constantly rearranging my room when no one was looking, trying to find new solutions to provide the optimal space that I could enjoy. That is what I love about Interior Design & Decoration – you have to not only make a room appealing to the eye, but you have to make it function and flow in way that makes sense for the way your clients live and enjoy their space.

“You're gonna be somebody."

My grandfather, Papa, now 91-years old always told me, “You’re gonna be somebody.” As an Interior Decorator himself, I always admired Papa. Since I was a young child we have always had a special bond.  Similar to me, Papa was always changing the layout of his home.  Over time, I would tag along on his projects, learning everything I could about decorating and any time we had the chance we would rearrange our relative’s homes.

After having my two children I was inspired to find something that could combine my vast project management and design experience and still allow me the time that I needed to be there for my family. I began working with family to update their homes and, of course, asked Papa for help!  Along the way I realized that I really loved and had a knack for interior design. Papa too saw how happy it made me and asked me one day why I don’t just go for it? After some research and amazing support from my husband, family & friends I decided to begin Melissa’s Designs while also taking classes at a local College. I immediately fell in love.

As I grow as an Interior Designer, my goal is to create a process that is simple, enjoyable and efficient. I also feel Interior Design is more than just pretty finishes and combining colors, it is creating spaces that make sense for the way we live and function in them. I want to feel connected to my clients so that I can fully understand their needs, how they live and what they like. I always start any client relationship with an in-person meeting.  This is my chance to get to know my client, see their home, meet their family and really gain an understanding as to their desires and needs.

Melissa’s Designs is a design company that looks to provide solutions for interior design & decoration needs at any level. I feel passionate that anyone can hire an interior designer. We work with all budgets and tailor our rates & pricing by project because as your home is unique to you, so is the way we approach your projects.

So, if you are looking to hire an interior designer or just need help picking out accessories please give me a call! I would love to meet you and help bring your space to life!